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posticon Posting Images

Posting Images

Runboard allows users to post images in Message Boards, Blogs, and their Private Message Answering Machine. Posting an image in any of these areas is made possible by using BBCodes.🔗
Article Contents
1. Why images?
2. Image hosting
    2.1 Hotlinking do's and don'ts
3. User options
4. Board owner options

1. Why Images?

Images are the closest thing people have to a universal language. With them, we can express emotions and share the world around us in a way words can seldom touch. The sharing of pictures with others is fun and can help to build and strengthen a circle of online friends. Runboard recognizes this, but the cost of hosting an unlimited number of pictures is prohibitive with a free service.

2. Image Hosting

Before you can post a picture on Runboard, you have to either find the image on a site which allows hotlinking or upload the image to an image hosting site. The Runboard Support Message Board maintains a short list of image hosting sites which can or cannot be used (Free Image Hosting Sites List 🔗).

      Hotlinking Do's - Always be sure you have permission to use any image used in either your postings or in your message boards skin design. Image hosting sites may or may not allow hotlinking and can ruin a post or skin design by substituting images in place of the one you want to use. If you do not have permission to use a picture, then look for something else.
      Hotlinking Don'ts - Do not hotlink to images on another website. Unlike hosting sites, most website owners do not have a business model in place to pay for your hotlinking. When you hotlink to them you cost them money, money they might not have, and it could result in their having to close down the very site you found to be attractive.

3. User Options

Runboard supports a wide variety of image formats to cater to a users taste and preferences when posting pictures in a message. Images are posted in a message by the use of BBCodes (details are found here 🔗).

Below are examples of each image file type supported in a message posting by Runboard.

BMP image Image

SVG image Image

GIF image Image

GIF Animated image Image

PNG image Image

PNG animated image Image

JPG image Image

4. Board Owner Options

Board owners and Administrators are given additional abilities via CSS to control the displayed size of all images as a means to control the overall look and feel of posted messages. A board owner or admin does not alter or change the posted picture when setting the maximum size of a graphic element.

contributors: Pastor Rick
sources: Old Runboard wiki, Runboard Support Forums, Runboard Extra, Smackdown5, Alpha Centauri, Mooseman, Joshin Josh, Thor, and Lesigner Girl

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