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posticon Joining a Message Board

Joining a Message Board

When you create your Runboard account, you become a member of Runboard, or, a Runboard User. This Runboard User account is valid at any message board community on our system. In addition, it also gives you the ability to create your
blog 🔗, add people to your friend list, participate in chat rooms 🔗 or chat one-on-one with a friend, and use our other features, but this doesn't make you a member of any given message board until you meet that message board's requirements for joining.

Different message boards have different requirements for joining.

Article Contents
1 Public boards
2 How will I know the board's requirement?
3 Enter the password to gain membership
4 Submit an application, administrator/owner approves
5 Invite-only membership
6 No membership can be gained
7 One post grants membership, but membership's required before you can post

Public boards

At some boards, such as Runboard Support, The Runboard Directory, and Runboard Extra (see: Official Boards 🔗), you will automatically become a member of that board as soon as you make your first post there. Most boards on our system have the same requirement, but others have different conditions.

How will I know the board's requirement?

When you try to view or make a post at a board or forum for the first time, and it gives you an error message instead of the post creation page you would expect to see, you need to read that error message to see what their requirement is.

Enter a password to gain membership

Someone who knows this password will need to give it to you. You will only need to enter it once to become a member of that board or forum, and won't need to submit it again unless you are removed from the board or forum's member list by a board administrator.

Submit an application, administrator/owner approves

If this is the board's requirement, there will be an application form that you can't miss. Some boards will require you to submit specific information with your application, so you should check to see if there is a post at the board you can view that explains this requirement. If you can't find such a posting, describe how you found the board and why you want to join, and an administrator can send you a private message if they require further information. When your application is either accepted or denied, you will receive an automated email to let you know of this decision.

Invite-only membership

An administrator of the board has to add your username to the member list manually. If they have already tried to add you and failed, it might help to give them a direct link to your Runboard profile or send them a Private Message (PM) 🔗 through Runboard, so they can make sure they are entering it correctly.

No membership can be gained

This setting is for Boards used for information, archival, or closed groups. Information boards such as the Runboard Knowledge base 🔗 are boards where content is added to help others learn about a subject. Archival boards are boards closed to new postings. You cannot join either of these but you may desire to add them to your bookmarks 🔗. Closed groups are active but restricted to a specific group of people. They may or may not be active sites, but it is probably best to pretend they do not exist.

One post grants membership, but membership's required before you can post

Once in a while, a board owner will accidentally create this catch-22 in their security settings. If you know how to contact the board's owner, you should tell them about this. If you do not know how to contact the board's owner, you may stop by Runboard Support 🔗, and a Runboard Global Administrator 🔗 can contact them for you.

contributors: Pastor Rick
sources: Runboard wiki archives, Lesigner Girl

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