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posticon BBCode and Formatting Basics

     Runboard allows up to five blank spaces on the first line of a paragraph when creating a post on a message board. The use of BBCodes handles all other formatting options.

If you are making a post at a Message Board, you will see buttons you can click on to insert the various BBCodes into your post. Signatures, Blog Posts, and your PM Answering Machine require you to type in the BBCodes manually.

Below are the codes you can use in message board posts, signatures, blog posts, and your PM answering machine:
     Article Contents
1 Insert Link
   1.1 Named Links
2 Insert Image
3 Quote
4 Bold Text
5 Italicized Text
6 Underlined Text
7 Center
8 Code
9 Scrolling Marquee
10 Colored Text
11 Big Text
12 Small Text
13 Embed YouTube Videos
14 Using Multiple BBCodes together
15 Board CSS Customization

Insert Link

Inserting a link may be done by either using Runboards form or by typing in the BBCode directly into the message. The first option given in the entry form is for displaying the link itself and the second option is to show a unique name for the link. If you choose to use the entry form method, do not enter the BBCodes.

     Code: [url][/url]

      Insert Named Link
     Code: [url=]Runboard[/url]
     Result: Runboard

Insert Image

Posting an image in your message may be done by either posting the BBCodes directly or by using Runboards entry form method (the later ensures the proper opening and closing tags are applied). Again, if you choose to use the form entry method, you copy and paste the URL to your image only.


     Result: Image

     Code: [quote] I love Runboard! [/quote]

I love Runboard!

Bold Text
     Code: [b]Bold provides visual emphasis or hierarchy[/b]
     Result: Bold provides visual emphasis or hierarchy

Italicized Text
     Code: [i]Italics stresses or quotes specific text[/i]
     Result: Italics stresses or quotes specific text

Underlined Text
     Code: [u]Underline distinguishes words[/u]
     Result: Underline distinguishes words

     Code: [center]<- Horizontally centered text ->[/center]
<- Horizontally centered text ->

body {background-color: #aec0da;}[/code]

body {background-color: #aec0da;}
Note: - I set the "code results" inside of a box so you can see it better.

Scrolling Marquee
     Code: [marquee]Runboard offers more flexibility than "Social Networks."[/marquee]
     Result: Runboard offers more flexibility than "Social Networks."

Colored Text

As with URL links and Image posting the Colored Text BBCode can be done using either Runboard's entry form or by typing in the codes directly.

     Code: [col=#ff00ee]This is colored text[/col]
     Result: This is colored text

Big Text
     Code: [big]Sample Big Text[/big]
     Result: Sample Big Text

Small Text
     Code: [small]Sample Small Text[/small]
     Result: Sample Small Text

Embed YouTube
     Code: [youtube=nR9OSeQ8QAA]
     Result (and a video showing how to do YouTube on Runboard):

Using Multiple BBCodes Together
     Example: [big]Runboard [i]is[/i] [col=#ff00ff]Great![/col][/big]
     Result: Runboard is Great!

Always close BBCode tags properly. In the example above I created "big," "italics," and "color" tags. Since all of the text is formatted as "big" the sentence is enclosed with opening and closing "big" tags ([big][/big]). The second word in the sentence uses the italics tags ([i][/i]). The final word in the sentence uses the "color" tags ([col=#ff00ff][/col]).

Board CSS Customization (BBCode Hacks)
     If you have Administrator Powers on a message board, you can create "custom" BBCode sequences which are usable by members of your forums.

     For example, on this message board, I use a custom sequence of [b][i](text)[/b][/i][/b] to create the light blue box for the articles sources and credits.

contributors: Pastor Rick
sources: Old Runboard wiki, Runboard Support Forums, Smackdown5, and Lesigner Girl

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